“CTE Foundation is uniquely positioned to facilitate and organize the common interests of our business community, school system, county government and families in the effort to align middle school, high school and post-secondary curricula with our county’s anticipated economic growth drivers.”

Paul Zygielbaum, Board of Directors

Industry analysts are forecasting that over 360,000 craft construction professionals will be needed in California by 2019. Yet many students are unaware of the opportunities for high-wage, high-growth employment within the construction industry.

CTE Foundation, Sonoma County Office of Education and North Coast Builders Exchange have developed an innovative program to recruit and train interested students and get them on a path to employment or further training after high school. The North Bay Construction Corps offers a variety of work-based learning activities to facilitate career exploration and to develop a pipeline of work-ready labor force for the industry:

  • Industry-led workshops and certifications
  • Job shadowing
  • On-the-job skill-building
  • Two-week summer Boot Camp
  • Resume building and interview workshop

The competitive program will begin accepting applications for the 2019 North Bay Construction Corps beginning in October 2018, with the program running January through May, and closing with a two-week boot camp in June.

To ensure maximum program relevance, the North Bay Construction Corps requires the active participation of our local Construction industry leaders. To learn more or to become part of the Corps, please contact Amber Figueroa at or 707-755-5722.

In partnership with Santa Rosa Junior College and the Sonoma County Office of Education, CTE Foundation is developing a summer academy, targeting high school students, to cultivate and promote interest in careers and post-secondary education in environmental, energy and water resource management industries. Details to come.

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In partnership with Sonoma County Office of Education, Sonoma Clean Power, and Switch Electric Vehicles, CTE Foundation lead the effort to distribute a program that applies science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) studies to the design and assembly of an electric vehicle.

The SWITCH Electric Vehicle Lab is designed to teach the fundamentals of electric vehicle design, manufacture and maintenance while also exposing students to concepts in electricity, alternative fuels, automotive technology, and clean energy generation. The street-legal electric car kit comes with a curriculum that utilizes advanced math, science and team-building exercises that help students not only learn about potential careers in green technology, but also help them learn from failure – a critical skill recognized as a keystone of innovation that’s not often taught in traditional curriculums.

To learn more about this program and how you might participate, please contact CTE Foundation at


In partnership with Santa Rosa Junior College, Sonoma County Office of Education, and the Sonoma County Food Industry Group (FIG), the CTE Foundation’s Food & Beverage Manufacturing Career Summit is designed to inform and engage local junior and senior high school students to learn about the variety of career paths available in the industry.

The Food & Beverage Manufacturing Careers Summit is a day-long event designed to provide opportunities for career exploration, educational assessment, and jobs and skills matching. Students will have an opportunity to connect with industry representatives and experience hands-on industry activities.

Summit activities include:

  • Panel of representatives discussing how and why they entered the food and beverage manufacturing industry.
  • Employerexhibits where students meet employers to learn about the wide variety of careers opportunities within the industry.
  • Hands-on activities at many of the booths to learn about current and future technology and the kind of skills needed to enter the workforce.
  • Discuss the educational pathways to enter the industry with representatives from the SRJC and SSU.

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The CTE Foundation has collaborated closely with Santa Rosa Junior College, Sonoma County Office of Education and health care industry leaders including Kaiser Permanente, St. Joseph Health, Sutter Hospital, Sonoma County Health Services among others to develop a Health Career Academy for high school to explore and train for careers in health and wellness. Together, we have designed a countywide workforce training system to provide a seamless pathway linking high school students with post secondary certification, licensing and/or degrees leading to health careers.  In addition to the technical training and experiential learning benefits, a primary goal of this local training system is to equip students with sound career exploration opportunities to educate them about the variety of career opportunities in health care. The program also assists students with developing long-term career goals and academic planning for achieving these career opportunities.

The pipeline development system, made possible through industry support, (including a $150,000 grant to the Career Technical Education (CTE) Foundation from Northern California Kaiser Permanente), consists of two key programs: Regional Health Careers Academy, currently serving 60 students annually and the Summer Health Careers Institute, now serving 40 students annually.  Both are designed to introduce high school students to health care career opportunities through lecture, lab, and fieldwork experiences. Both programs draw students from throughout the county and take place at Santa Rosa Junior College and onsite at the Kaiser Permanente facility.

To learn more about this program and how you might participate, please contact CTE Foundation at or learn more at